Located at our established location, 204 Niagara Street in St. Catharines, Custom Vacations focuses on individualized travel experiences.


Explore the seas with our travel specialist Susan Henry.


Join our personally escorted tours with Victor LaFratta.


Feel a unique travel experience with a personal touch when you deal with one of our agents. Enjoy a personal touch with every detail of your travel experience.


  • Group discounts translate into substantial savings for you
  • You enjoy an affordable, personalized tour experience
  • Volume discounts on transportation, lodging, meals, and
    events help you get the most value.
  • Theme trips can be customized including preferred cities,
    attractions, hotels, and meals to suit the group.
  • Through an exclusive network of travel companies and hotels around the world,
  • Custom Vacations connects clients to the best prices and options to choose from.
    Our relationships with the most reliable suppliers in the industry, ensures superior buying power and competitive pricing for our clients.